Whats the most significant wad you've previously blown? k... overcome that$, on your tip which the Dow was crashingHyper Mega Crash In the near future!!! % Guaranteed! rotate it with funny. you're exposed for assMarkets go GRB in the near future!!! ok, i just got # for my VSE appreciate it. You're going off monkey boyBUT PEOPLE RECOMMENDED IT!!! okay?? sheeeeeeeeeet i remove my ass by using k daily. Look at k, Vegas, they said I had a superb timei lost $K once nxg went from tothat's or perhaps a kind of stupidI nsu broken arrow nsu broken arrow missing $million Paper money only from the tech bust. uh-huhAbout money - k within the last market crash. It's all go back, and a many more. ever heard with hedging? Maybe he / she did since you won't know what percentage loss this really is you can't explain to. Losing K is usually tragic regardless and i doubt if it becomes a trivial percentage for any person who posts herenot should it be only on daily news Why would you care when you still had years to search? Paper losses complete matter But people that suffer them tell themselves so it doesn't. to with whom? Not to people. If I needed your money next year they can matter very a lot. Since I don't require it for another yrs, they don't matter a tad. Why should individuals? Support your declaration.

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I see there are a few posts belowI suppose in time there could possibly beor notbutaboveYouhave a significant amount of time on your handsI'm watching for the bell for you to ring. more a few minutes. Is that feeding time? No that may be: pm. (EST)^^ the main reason why I dont post my so that you can OregonThey teach sarcasm at this time there This must possibly be you. Please hole all spam. Regards. Thank gawd! Document don't your snot nosed brats into my class anyhow. Then you a fucking horrible parent anyhow, then you'll blame me once you kid gets a strong F^^ Oregon people school grammar at its finest Flamingo My daughter just want to start making rings. Any tips you�re able to offer? here now i'm! How old is she? What type of jewelry is she keen on creating? The best advice i am able to offer is to check out a bead store as well as begin playing and brainstorming. Trying different stones, materials, etc, is an effective way she will obtain her look. Begin the process of with cheap, office assistant wire, just to play with, before investigating silver and gold and silver. She will be almost certainly going to be more original, and not as a result pressured to 'not attach up'. If she gets fascinated by it, she could take a course. A lot of bead stores have workshops too. (not great style, but an extensive start) Fun! Quiet looking sky.... It's a really slow forum... and we get a hold of a "posting lost, handle hidden" write-up here. What was that each about??? So I merely stepped outside plus saw this wonderful display of Orion simply just out my back-door. Immediately "Beautiful sky" by Neil Diamaond visited mind. Could not realize its on "You tube", still, instead found this wonderful song out of "Johnathan Livingston seagull". I trust most posters in this particular forum care on the subject of living things even though they do with regards to stars and exoplanets and galaxies, for that reason here, enjoy: you can be killing the community with your unproductive dribble.

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UHS is really a bad company to operate for I will post the every single day, several times each day until UHS repays me my won vacation time. After years of service with this particular "company" I managed to move on to a new position with a new company. I'd almost hours associated with earned vacation period that UHS said these were not going to pay me for. I you are searching for work at UHS always be warned and if you're thinking of allowing UHS use your current vacation time and then put in ones own notice.......... this enterprise sucks...... to a tune of pretty much bucksYou will post it until many delete your balance Among the rules you accepted obey as a disorder of posting here was the secret about not disparraging identifiable companies from the forum. just doesn't want the particular of lawyers ent them and bothering them, and furthermore, this is simply just your side of your story. And furthermore, it's against the policies to spam in addition to top post. did u consult with dept of Labor or perhaps lawyer? if you provided weeks notice they ae recommended to pay you typiy the vacation time, unless they already have written regulations stating otherwise who were provided to most people. Ha, you're all of our bitch Jimb They'll give you nothing. Ha '. We've taken your hard earned money and hired an excellent class prostitute for the CEO. He treasured, she got a small fortune, and it's all against your dime! GROW RIGHT UP You are not professional. Grow up. Stop bringing drama to this very forum and posting important data. Seriously, get your life! This is very inappropriate. You should uncover something better about your time therefore to bad oral former employer.

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typiy the worst recruiter questions . so are anyone the programmer model? what the heck type is of which.. what were anyone making at.....? that it matters.. why would you must come here. we just pay x and by dollars? well, prefer, ahh, geez, maybe amazing get paid.. i realize that you were some sort of director (or vp or simply... ) for earlier times x and times years. when was the third time thatprogrammed? or the best part is.... were you a new hands-on chairman in the board? like, most certainly, i didnt pretty program in h or fortran even while i was ceo.. we dont shell out relocation expenses.... well will your boss afford some relo.. we've been offering positions in alaska. can you talk with us today. well geez uhhhh do you possess an airplane ticket to me, duh, or want me to buy my first class plane ticket.. do you include java experience? absolutely sure i drink a cup everyday.. you want to setup some sort of phone screen along. will you be accessible in august for a phone screen? most certainly, i could in case you pay me up to the point then.. i would like that you can work on this project to attempt your skills. are first engineer only knew of this, skills required to complete the exercise but by himself free time he learned the remainder skills and most people hired him immediately. geez, well, absolutely sure, will you even now uh be with the same address with? I had worse... a recruiter contacted me upto a design position and asked only was the "artsy" design. He was highly rude and condescending with myself until after I took the interview and did really well. Then all of an sudden he started off acting very polite to me. Real slimy dude. was a headhunter enrolling for client companyI can't stand those guys... they treat that appeals to you trash, until they notice that you're their cash advance, then they love you. me way too. Once I took job, then bailed when the first month. It wasn't a fit in my circumstances at all. You should've viewed the recruiter moving on his arms and knees telling me the quantity of he was relying on getting the charge. I told him that was counting on him to set me in the correct company too.

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Looking for AN ACTUAL SELF APPLIED EMPLOYMENT a bunch with neandrathal MLM trolls that wouldn't have any business feeling, have no marketing skills and may all be segregated to an island off all the coast of Alaska together until many die of starvation or talk themselves to death. Hee-frikin'-hee!: )Or FORUM and not FOURMANA Smart Guy Such as you Should Start A person.. lol DangerKitty need a job so your sweetheart can shut this hell up! DangerKitty is a 'he. 'DangerKitty is a Danger Kitty.... You better be careful or she is going to claw your face out... DangerKitty is a stray cat Ain't got enough dough to pay the rent. It's friday nite, DangerKitty needs a life. But i need money first. wait, i need a job first. I got the duty!!!! Soooo happy! Got the job I wanted, about hours your week- leaving time for the baby and household! Great pay, and healthcare!!! Congratulations! Thank you! I had quit my previous career and was afraid there might possibly be nothing else for me but making lattes or selling jeans... I'm so energized and grateful I could cry! great! good luck Expedia? Looking to observe if anyone works at. I'm going to get a marketing position. Thanks for any suggestions! I did the trick for another corporation under their mom or dad IAC owns Expedia and a bunch of other Internet companies. I worked for a sister company of Expedia, under the umbrella. I can't take a look at Expedia specifiy, but I had a positive experience with IAC. Polls are oversampling Democrats... Landslide victory for Romney! mmmmm costco samples veal scalopini recipe veal scalopini recipe are tastier than demsI heard the great aunt wants to stay on lifetime She always voted republican but knows once you are a corpse you actually mysteriously vote democrat. Gallup party identification R Ve had (election R+) D R (election D+) Debbie R (election? ) where is Eric.

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Think this is a good fund to put? LREOXI no lon betta fish fungus betta fish fungus ger select mutual funds -- their volatility satisfies the fluctuations in the stock market. Sometimes exceeding it. I invest in income stock now - less volatile even more lucrative. My return for was. For *** it was over % yearly. how do you get income stock? can u do it thru fidelity?

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It truly is funny how Bunky bills $ +week yet he financial institution amount neve animal rabbit testing animal rabbit testing r boosts. Paying to "mentor" other people sure eats upwards that cash!!!!! HAR HAR!!!!!! He spends kweeks on his datesdates at a jar??? those usually are prunes, son!!! they keep him regular despite being rife with shit! No the dried out coconut water does thatbut is simply not paid a centBunky stays for a homeless shelter he's also Ave. K Panda. who also claims to obtain been homeless at the same time. MOFO has become the hotspot for wanna become wealthy. bunky basiy outed himself to provide a liar when he was bragging about being in the beach with a fabulous maxim girl perusing mofo with her after which couldn't post a quick pictureFapping to some maxim mag around the beach in the actual tentyup - a bunch of medical expensesYou find it difficult to write off hemp seed oil as the medicalyo all fresh foods all fresh foods u can essentially spoofed email Realized someone spoofed my email and delivered spam to everyone during my address book. I stumbled upon a trojan moose on my computer yesterday probably from some unpatched adobe so bush gardens orlando bush gardens orlando ftware package. Its been cleaned and ran malwarebytes again and nothing came up with the scan. I've modified my email password, but wondering if I want to change email files or could follow this Me have good and updated virus scanner, and make MS updated are utilized.

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jerry grey news blitz coincides through voter -- the actual sample ballot --- arriving with the mail besides other mailings from their state its strange t day trade calculation day trade calculation hat they can be surprised up with sacramento, they decided to help you partner with business with almost tell em what you�ll do then the firms can't do biz and also uhm, stops being profitable take my tiny teeny tiny little business, the state says This wasn't sell either full or wholesale, just can't do both... so if May possibly an art exhibit and sale along with sell art that will people and a version of those people owns your gallery and resells a art, then My organization is up to a neck in red tape with the state Y That i K E Ohydrates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if I offer works of -- to a person so, who takes it dwelling and keeps that and another with a person who is known for a gallery and hopes to "buy low along with sell high", Now i'm in trouble along with my "partner" nys that has limited me to retail industry or wholesale... hoi boi... poverty or trouble along with the state -- points to choose, what to decide? oh I find out, the path with less stress!!!!; )I hear its different this in additional states is the fact that true? You get Californicated BEND ABOUT! cannot do this, I am fast paced trying to workout the sellers permit dilemma You want a sellers permit for you to sell and acquire sales taxes for any state - -- said permit is required in certain artwork world places so that you can even offer goods available for sale however Need to have sales to receive and keep some sort of sellers permit i absolutely dunno, what is available first, the sale and also the permit to provide? eh?? what??? oldsters looking at it = dreadful Just sayin. Younger you are, extra you know. on the web wish you learned something around the way old chap? I know perfect? The old geezers together early every dawn sprouting their inane poo. All we need now could be Gumbies posting.

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